AP Chemistry A/B (P)

This course is aligned with the College Board Advanced Placement Chemistry Curriculum Framework.

The AP Chemistry A/B course fulfills the general education requirement for physical science and is available to 11th and 12th-grade students who meet the prerequisite requirements. Grades earned in this course are calculated on a 5-point scale and are therefore weighted.

AP Chemistry is a year-long course designed for high school students as an opportunity to earn AP credit on their high school transcript, as well as placement credit for an introductory college-level science course. Students who earn a qualifying score on the AP Chemistry Exam are typically eligible to receive college credit and placement in an advanced science course in college. AP Chemistry is an intensive two-semester course in inorganic chemistry which builds upon concepts learned in college preparatory chemistry.  Topics include structure and states of matter, chemical reactions and equilibrium, and other topics as prescribed by the College Board for AP Chemistry.  Students in AP Chemistry will participate in numerous laboratories and are expected to take the College Board Advanced Placement Examination in the spring.