Geology A/B (P)

This course is aligned with the NGSS Physical Science Standards and course-specific CTE Model Curriculum Standards for the Environmental Resources Pathway.

The Geology A/B course fulfills the general education requirement for physical science and is available to 10th through 12th-grade students who meet the prerequisite requirements.

Geology is a year-long physical lab science course during which students will study the dynamic process that shape and change the surface of the Earth. Students will learn rock and mineral identification, study and interpret topographic and geological maps and study land forms and structures. Students will also apply real world applications of geology and how it can affect their everyday lives, the community in which they live and areas around the world. Throughout the year, students will study the different geological sciences to learn how they interact with one another while incorporating other disciplines such as Chemistry, Physics, Language Arts and Mathematics. This class emphasizes the hands-on approach along with inquiry-based labs that align to both the Next Generation Science Standards and the common core standards. Geology is a concentrator course for the CTE Environmental Resources Pathway. Passing both terms of this course student will meet the physical science unit graduation requirement and the UC laboratory science requirement. This course is also a concentrator course for the CTE Environmental Resources Pathway.