Biology L2 A/B (P)

This course is aligned with the NGSS Life Standards.

The Biology A/B course fulfills the general education requirement for life science and is available to 9th through 12th grade students. This course may be taken by a 9th-grade student who has successfully completed 8th-grade science and math courses with a minimum of a B average. It is recommended that a 9th-grade student enrolling in Biology A/B also be concurrently enrolled in Geometry.

Biology A/B is a year-long college preparatory laboratory course. The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the biological sciences. This course is aligned with the High School NGSS Life Standards and covers ecosystems, life cycles, ecology, changes in the biosphere; metabolism, biochemistry, photosynthesis, energy cycles; cell biology and division; reproduction and development; genetics, heredity and how we adapt to our changing environment. Passing both terms of this course student will meet the life science unit graduation requirement and the UC laboratory science requirement.