General Science A/B (P) - 10/11/12

This course is aligned with the NGSS Earth & Space Standards and course-specific NGSS Physical Science Standards.

The General Science A/B - 10th/11th/12th fulfills the general education requirement for physical science and is available to all 10th-12th grade students who meet the prerequisites.

General Science A/B - 10th/11th/12th is a year-long college preparatory laboratory course is designed to provide an overview of the physical sciences. This course is aligned with the High School Next Generation Science Standards and covers Earth Science, Chemistry, and Physics. Matter, energy, introductory chemistry, chemical bonding, and scientific investigation are concepts all presented in the first semester as a way of understanding the major themes in earth sciences. The majority of the year is spent on relevant earth science topics including the Earth’s atmosphere and energy budget, climates and climate change, global oceanic and atmospheric circulation patterns, oceanography, astronomy and physical geology including tectonic activity and volcanism. Basic concepts of physics such as speed, acceleration, and Newton’s Laws are covered during the second semester of this course. Passing both terms of this course student will meet the physical science unit graduation requirement and the “g” elective requirement for the UC.